About Us

SmithBrown Marketing

SmithBrown is a lead generation firm specializing in business to business conversion, outsourced sales/marketing operations and enablement through:

  • Marketing automation
  • Demand generation
  • Inbound/outbound marketing
  • SEO, SEM & Paid Social
  • Project management
  • Sales Alignment Strategies.

With clients in around the country, SmithBrown is a full-service marketing consultancy that empowers business leaders to scale with proven marketing strategies and measured results.

SmithBrown Marketing Team

Core Values

  • Be accountable

  • Yes, and?

  • Take initiative

  • Deliver results

  • Master of one, Jane of the rest

Our Story


Echo grew quickly in three years – Brown’s name is on the company’s 2009 IPO press release [NYSE: ECHO].


Brown arrived in Atlanta in 2016 and started SmithBrown with no network.


SmithBrown Marketing breaks $1 million in annual revenue.