Case Study: 300% Growth Through Standardizing Accountability


By Kara Smith Brown

A strong mar-tech stack standardizes accountability and efficiency. Building an appropriate tech stack allows a business to not only evolve but, to problem-solve and react. In this case study, we explain why we reconstructed a client’s tech stack and how it enabled their business to grow by 300% in a year.

1. CRM

Our client was growing, and the enterprise CRM tool they were using wasn't transparent, which made it difficult to track sales and improve performance. We executed a due diligence project and recommended a transfer to another mid-level tool that would flex with the expanding needs of their growing team and business. We then executed the stand up data migration and team training on the new tool.

The tool is a full-stack growth software that emphasizes managing, tracking, and analyzing inbound marketing and sales leads. By implementing this software, we combined many into one promoting sales accountability while maintaining simplicity.

We recommended this lighter solution to easily and efficiently transition to a more simplified process that would remain consistent throughout both sales and marketing teams. By utilizing this new software, our client now had access to a more detailed reporting of their marketing and sales qualified leads.

2. Consistent Funnel Definitions

This partnership with our client focused heavily on strengthening the sales team. Our initial key strategy was to create consistent funnel definitions that consolidate the lead qualification process. This increased accountability within the sales team and gave us room to set up analytics to track on a weekly basis how leads were moving through the funnel.

By redefining and polishing these sales funnels within the new CRM software, our client had the ability to thoroughly track lead activity from the top of the funnel to their core inflection point that led to initiating a deal. We find when used correctly, this type of reporting will maximize profits as well as highlight gaps in the marketing and sales alignment that need more attention.

3. Sales Dashboard

According to a recent Forbes report, 74% of marketers were unable to report or track how their initiates impact the status of their business. To combat this, we implemented a weekly executive sales dashboard. Prioritizing the sales dashboard encouraged a greater level of sales accountability enforcement by the exec team as they now had access to meaningful and accurate data.

The accountability did not end there. The addition of the sales dashboard was a valuable asset, and began to be used as a tool for investor reporting. At SmithBrown, we emphasize that all numbers must lead to an action, and ultimately affect the bottom line. This reporting tool re-engineered our client’s ability to track and measure success, directly target necessary areas of improvement, and maintain a pulse on growth and development.

Standardizing sales accountability, creating consistent processes, and building tactical reporting allow a business to grow while proactively addressing issues rather than after the fact. A strong tech stack will provide tools to implement marketing and sales strategy effectively, be the foundation for your ever-changing business, and flex to your business’ needs. We help our clients scale their business like this everyday. Get started on growth by standardizing your tech-stack, contact us today.

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