SmithBrown Marketing Joins Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative

SmithBrown Marketing, an all-female marketing consulting firm, will join the 2018 Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI) Class. In 2016, the city of Atlanta launched the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, a program providing 15 women business owners office space and resources to grow their businesses through a 15-month incubator program.

With a shared focus on women’s empowerment in the Atlanta business scene, WEI and SmithBrown share the belief that women’s empowerment equals community empowerment. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, only 4.2% of all women-owned businesses break $1 million in revenue, and SmithBrown is on track to buck that trend. “Not only are we going to break down that barrier,” said Kara Brown, founder and CEO of SmithBrown Marketing, “but we’re going to do it with an all-female team. We work hard, empower each other, and hold each other accountable.”

WEI works to leverage Atlanta’s burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem to amplify women’s contribution to the economic growth of the city as innovators, problem solvers and job creators.

About SmithBrown Marketing
SmithBrown is a marketing and sales enablement firm specializing in outsourced sales/marketing operations and enablement through marketing automation, lead and demand generation, inbound/outbound marketing, SEO/SEM, project management, and strategy. With clients in Atlanta and Chicago, SmithBrown is a full-service marketing consultancy that empowers business leaders to scale with proven marketing strategies and flawless execution.

About Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI)
During his first election into office, Mayor Reed committed to implementing an initiative designed to equip local women business owners with the tools needed to support their business aspirations, while minimizing some of the challenges and roadblocks unique to them as women. Creating a safe, collaborative and supportive work space, served as the catalyst for his vision. WEI will function as an incubator for the selected participants while also providing community outreach, educational workshops and mentorship engagement, to aspiring business owners and future entrepreneurs.