Social Media. Not just for B2C Anymore.


Every B2B marketer is looking for ways to deliver leads and increase conversion but social is rarely part of those strategies. Social is often thought of as a B2C construct with little yield for a B2B company.

Indeed, I used to be a social-non-believer. Until I saw the results for myself. 

The SmithBrown team have cultivated an easily executable PaaS we’re calling Social Conversion (#socialconversion) specifically geared towards B2B companies.

By working with clients to frame a robust, actionable, and solution-oriented content map, we have been able to use the right mar-tech tools to amplify that message across social platforms, while aligning it with other typical marketing platforms (Google, Blogs, PR, etc.), and measure the results.

While typical social reporting focuses on impression counts and an increase in brand awareness, we shift the focus to clicks and click-throughs to look at the tangible outcomes and hot leads that our social efforts are producing.

One SmithBrown B2B client saw an 8x increase in form fills on their website in the first two months of our engagement. 

By concentrating well-crafted, actionable social posts with deliberate calls to action we were able to transform impressions and engagement, into meaningful Social Conversions.

-Kara Brown @smithbrownmktg

Let us know what you think about #socialconversion. 

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