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Jenna Wessinger

Jenna Wessinger

Senior Director of Lead Gen Engineering

Jenna Wessinger brings a broad skill set to SmithBrown from her years as an IT management consultant at a global consulting firm, to her time as an account director for one of Atlanta’s premier advertising and marketing agencies, to her knowledge of social media and content marketing as the founder of her successful personal blog. 

In 2008, Wessinger began her career with Capgemini US as a business analyst in the Telecom sector working on of the largest US telco companies. Over the next 7 years, she managed many teams in numerous client verticals including enterprise provisioning, operation systems support, supply chain, and automated sales platforms. Her roles in these verticals ranged from lead business analyst to program manager, to deployment manager for projects totaling more than $20 million in revenue.

Wessinger enjoyed her role at Capgemini but felt she was missing a creative outlet. In 2014, she created a personal lifestyle blog, Just a Touch Too Much. The blog has turned into a successful business in its own right boasting 15,000 followers at the time of this writing. It allows Wessinger the opportunity to round out her skill set by teaching herself content and social media marketing. 

Next, Wessinger took on the role of lead managing consultant for a project involving the nation’s top credit reporting agency and a large-scale discovery project to combine the company’s disparate international business processes into 1 single lead-to-cash business process flow with alignment to a new CRM system. 

In the Fall of 2015, with a desire to challenge herself in a new field, Wessinger moved from the IT consulting world to the life of a marketer and advertiser when she joined Sagepath, as an Account Director. Given her experience with global enterprise businesses, Wessinger’s focus at the agency was on larger accounts, both in project size and in revenue. While at Sagepath, Wessinger created an omnichannel marketing plan that could be leveraged across all other clients, giving the company it’s first PaaS offering. Wessinger also lead several national and global rebranding efforts and helped start the company’s burgeoning SEO practice. 

In 2017, shortly after meeting Kara Smith Brown, Wessinger accepted the position as Director of Strategy with SmithBrown Marketing. SmithBrown was quickly gaining steam and growing exponentially, and Wessinger came on to help steer and direct client initiatives, build out the company’s growing service offerings, and help transition SmithBrown into an Atlanta powerhouse.