SmithBrown Elevates Lead Generation with HubSpot Platinum Status

Hubspot Platinum Partner

SmithBrown Marketing, a lead generation firm specializing in business-to-business marketing, announces that they have been named a HubSpot Platinum Partner. HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close deals, awards platinum status to their Solutions Partners who go above and beyond by bringing sales and marketing alignment to the most clients and achieve high standards in inbound marketing.

SmithBrown reached Platinum Partnership in just six months of joining HubSpot and is only one of three Platinum Partners in the Atlanta area. The HubSpot Platinum Partnership means that SmithBrown will be able to provide additional resources to its customers through specialized integration solutions and early access to betas across the platform. 

Responding to this exciting news, SmithBrown founder and CEO, Kara Brown, commented, “Platinum status is a testament to the team’s expertise in CRM and marketing automation execution. Reaching this milestone means we now have early access to the HubSpot app network that includes, account-based marketing (ABM), sales operations (sales ops), and lead generation tools. We are tech agnostic, but the reason we recommend HubSpot is because of its affordability as well as the breadth of tools and features democratized for the B2B space.”

The SmithBrown team customizes HubSpot to notify sales teams when a buying signal is shown – either by email, phone or a website visit. SmithBrown clients using HubSpot are able to successfully monitor and reach out to prospects seconds after a buying signal is registered, accelerating growth.

“The SmithBrown team understands our business and how to apply the HubSpot CRM, sales and marketing tools to our processes,” said Robin Gregg, CEO of RoadSync. “It’s rare to find a marketing partner that also understands the sales side of the business. Kara and her team have helped us get more meaningful data from our tools – which helps us make better decisions as we grow.” 

SmithBrown plans to expand its offerings by doubling down on HubSpot CRM and marketing automation implementations including account-based marketing initiatives for clients. HubSpot is the key that gives B2B teams the ability to move nimbly and optimize sales and marketing data at the fraction of the cost of other B2B tech stacks. The team plans to reinvest time and energy in the coming months to continue to build out their HubSpot implementation practice giving their clients the ability to capture more leads and revenue in 2020. 

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