We Don’t Have Account Managers — We Have Lead Gen Engineers

Lead gen is both a process and an art. Aaron Ross, in his second book, From Impossible to Inevitable, says, “Demand generation (demandgen) folks can figure out corporate marketing. Corporate marketing cannot figure out demandgen. Ever.”
We agree.

The modern B2B marketing space no longer has room for only relationship-based sales. The top of the funnel needs a constant stream of leads. B2B leaders have seen the drastic shift in the marketplace but most don’t know where to start with modernizing their funnel. Some update their websites, others focus on brand, but few re-engineer their sales funnel.

Over the last three years, the SmithBrown team has developed a 9 step process that we walk our B2B clients through to generate regular inbound lead flow and get conversion rolling. After dozens of implementations, hundreds of calls and thousands of inbound leads one thing is clear — we don’t have account managers, we have engineers.

Every person on our team is building, testing, improving and measuring processes that create the modern lead generation engines for our clients. In the B2B world, clients don’t require someone to manage their account or be a passive “order taker.” Instead, they need a proactive partner who maximizes their processes and converts new opportunities.

Great lead generation takes time and attention – you can’t have a “set it and forget it” mentality. And the best engineers are masters at designing and guiding a plan.

By integrating these two practices for our B2B marketing clients, we’re able to focus on building and improving their lead gen engines to turn awareness into revenue.

B2B marketing is math and lead gen professionals are the engineers of the revenue cycle.

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